We are so excited to bring you Rebel City Swing 2019, back for its 4th year! This year the festival will run November 15-17, 2019. 



Ben and Katie!

These two London based legends are a ray of sunshine at any dance event! Each has a buttload of competition titles under their belts, and they seem to never leave the dancefloor. Ben and Katie have a wealth of knowledge to share with us, but they never lose the fun and joy of the dance. Expect to learn a lot, and have loads of fun doing so! 

Stephen and Kathleen!

Another pair of awesome Londoners, Kath and Stephen are a breath of 

fresh air! Ever fun and always wonderful, these two will bring an injection 

of joy like you wouldn't believe. Two of the nicest people on the planet,

and fairly feckin' great dancers too! ;)

We're delighted they are able to join us! 

Levels and Registration:
Registration is open now! It is strongly recommended that you 
sign up with a partner to avoid waiting lists.

We will have 3 levels of classes to suit all abilities.

Infantry: This level is suitable for those attending our local beginner classes. You're able to throw a few shapes and are having a lot of fun doing so. You're excited to learn more moves and expand you're repertoire.

Swingin' Sergeant: This level is suitable for those regularly attending our local improver classes. You've got a lot of moves and variations under your belt at this stage, and you're working on improving your overall technique and body movement. You practise regularly and have probably hit up a few festivals in the past.

Lindy Hoppin' Lieutenant: You've attended more festivals than you can keep track of and have been dancing consistently for a number of years (at least 3). You're constantly working to improve your connection and technique. You know so so many moves at this stage, but you know the dance is about more than that and you're ready to work on the nitty gritty details that will take your dancing to the next level! 

Class Timetable:

Workshop Venue Addresses:

The Rock Community Centre, Blarney St, Cork

+ The Crane Lane, Phoenix Street, Cork


We've got three wonderful evenings in store for you! 

Friday, the welcome party: Come along and meet your dance partners for the rest of the weekend! A chance to get to know each other, meet our guests and relax into this warm, fuzzy atmosphere. Live music from Riff Raft.

Location: The Cricket Club, Richard Beamish Grounds, Mardyke Walk, Cork. 9pm-12am.

Tickets: €20 on the door, or included in your full ticket.

Saturday, the Big One: Live music from Riff Raft! Plenty of space to shake a tail feather. Demos from our teachers. BYOB.

THEME: The Fall Ball, come dressed in your autumn colours!

Location: The Rock Community Centre, Blarney St, Cork. 8.30pm-12am.

Tickets: €25 on the door, or included in your full ticket.

Sunday, the cool down afternoon dance: Expect a relaxed atmosphere and tired dancers! We'll wind down after our hectic weekend with a few more dances. Sure we might as well!

Location: The Crane Lane, Phoenix Street, Cork. 5-8pm.

Tickets: €15 on the door, or included in your full ticket.

Pricing structure:

The full event (classes+socials) costs €155 for Swingin' Sergeant and Lindy Hoppin' Lieutenant levels, you can pay via Paypal or Cash (if you're a local dancer). 

The full event (classes+socials) costs €120 for Infantry levels, you can pay via Paypal or Cash (if you're a local dancer). 

Party passes will cost €50, individual nights vary in price and can be bought on the door.

Getting here:

The closest airport is Cork Airport, which is just a short bus trip from the city centre. You can also fly into Dublin, where there is a bus every hour to get you to Cork. 

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