Course Timetable - Feb/March Courses

Cost: These courses are 6 weeks long and cost €50 per course, if you take more than one course the 2nd (or 3rd) is half price.

Location: See timetable above


Class Descriptions

BEGINNERS, 8 Beat Lindy Hop!

Partnered dancing for beginners. In this course we'll be focusing on 8 beat lindy hop, the bread and butter of swing dancing! This dance is especially suited to slow tempos (to start with, it's very versatile with practice). This course is suitable for complete beginners, so no experience necessary. Why not sign up and give it a go? It's a great way to meet some wonderful new friends and learn something amazing! To attend this course you need to register online via this link:

IMPROVERS, Jazz Up Your Lindy!

One of the best possible ways to get musical in swing dancing is to use solo jazz as a way to play with and explore the music. In this course we will work on some fun solo jazz moves that are great on there own, and extra wonderful when added to your partnered dancing! This course is suitable for those already familiar with 6 and 8 beat lindy hop (being comfortable with swing outs would also be helpful). To attend this course you need to register online via this link:

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